JOURNEY TO STAGE: 26 weeks out

If you follow my blog, then you probably realize that I am totally transparent on my posts. I’m able to track my journey and if you are so inclined to follow.. then you will get the good, bad, and ugly.

The last time I competed was June 2017. That show.. omg.. whew. I was messed up when I finished it.  I had a really great show in October 2016 and wanted to wait a year to compete for my pro card.  In 2017, UFE removed the Halloween pro qualifer so the only option was to do the June show.  I made a decision to do that so in 52 weeks, I’d prepped for 48 weeks.  My body was not happy.   After that show was over, I was mentally a mess. I decided to stop for a while and try to recover.  It took me about 6 months before I could even look objectively at my pictures from that show.

Here’s a few shots from this show. I loved doing it with my sisters though. I’m glad I took a break.43753668_2298874023459281_3131529486659485696_n44996466_2298874560125894_3561750270436179968_n

Over the last  2.5 years it’s been a roller coaster of good, bad and holy shit for me. I’m finally in a place that I feel super pumped to do this new project.  #Mayhem2019

I’m really lucky because I have some really amazing things planned for my year. I’m doing some pole shows.

I have a brand new secret project that is HUGE for our family.  It’s going to blow up and it’s going to be a game changer. Our team!! ❤ ❤

Mayhem will be the perfect icing for this cupcake!

I’m 8 weeks out right now for my huge photoshoot. I’m doing a photoshoot prep right now so I can look my best.
I did this shoot last year and I cannot wait. I have so many costumes and shoes planned!


After the shoot, I’ll take a few weeks and then start show prep. I’m also working really hard with my pole coaches to get my routines down for my shows.  So Yeah.. stage lean will be the last thing I see.  I need to maintain my strength to do my pole shows.  I’m pretty psyched to plan this prep and make it all happen while eating as much food as possible!!  BOOM

Posing starts with the Queen B on May 25 and I need a total overhaul!!
I’m ready to slay!


I’m doing my own prep with the help of my besties who are on staff at Sleek Body.
My goal is to go into this show with the best wardrobe I’ve ever had. The most beautiful themewear.  I want to bring a better package than 2017 and have a calm mind.

Our team has really focused over the last 2 years on making our prep very calm and not scattered or upsetting. I feel like slow and steady will always help me succeed.  Of course, I’m doing IIFYM!!

So we are off and running to this new project!
27 weeks track with Mango.
Coach Mango!!  She’s on her posing.58542992_2579575988722415_1648926382605991936_n

Training at Fit City and Sleek Body for this show!!

My partner in my prep is the mister and he is my chef! He watches a lot of cooking shows. It’s a good fit.   I’m lucky. I get that.
18057039_1631890453490978_1836547907987027925_n (1)

Mango says.. we got this.
41542233_2235808806432470_4391235045159862272_n Stay tuned for updates!

Good luck on  your competition!

Competition Stage Makeup Secrets

I love her stage makeup and how it works with her tan!
I love her stage makeup and how it works with her tan!

I read the competition boards and many girls ask questions about
show makeup and foundation colors.

First of all.. I believe you can do your own if you feel comfortable.
However, there is most always a makeup artist and tanner on site at shows
so you do have options.

I want to share with you the makeup colors that work with your show day tan.

The colors of choice for tan match up are
Mac NW40 and NW45

NW40 and NW 45 Warm undertones!
NW40 and NW 45
Warm undertones!


Now..I also want to share a fantastic tool for you!


A girls dream come true!
A girls dream come true!

Super star, beauty blogger, has created a foundation match system so you can use other brands to match yours.  You can search for Mac NW40 or NW45 and see what comes up in your brand!
When you use the foundation matrix to match your show makeup, don’t
pick a foundation with SPF. That causes a weird glow on your face in flash photography.
I would always choose an HD foundation but that’s just me. I love Makeup Forever, Smashbox and DiorShow.  I have been on stage where my face “matched” my tan and it looks horrible. Your face should look beautiful and like you!

The foundation matrix is here



Update! Amber Marie, a  lovely competitors on Facebook found that Revlon color Stay without SPF
is an amazing choice!

She says..
“400 caramel is to the equivalent of Mac’s NW45 (or this one says 50, but as an artist myself I would say it’s a 45). Make sure you buy the Revlon Colorstay line WITHOUT SPF, because SPF is metallic-like and reflects much lighter in photos! No SPF in show makeup!!!!!”

Competitor Shelley  said 

“This version for those of us over 45. It is awesome. Doesn’t settle into fine lines. No powder needed”

Update: If you want to know how to apply your makeup for stage here is my favorite video on Youtube. This competitor gets it right!