No Scale February Challenge


Omgoodness.. every day I get email after email about the scale!
Stop with the scale already! I totally understand but it’s time to get over it!

The scale is not an accurate representation of body composition.

Oh,. remember last week when this happened to me?

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.

In case you missed my last two years of blogs about why the scale is dumb and if you have too many committments to go look them up.. here’s a recap.

1. Water will show on the scale. Six ounces of water “can” show up to a pound on the scale. You body is made of water so figure that out.

2. Eating carbs puts moisture into the muscle (good thing). See number 1.

3. Hormones will make the scale shift.

4. Your body weight fluctuates on the scale up to 6 times daily.

5. Biggest Loser weigh-ins are TV! They are dehydrated, they pee blood and have kidney issues from sitting in saunas for 4 hours a day. This is NOT real.  You need to eat and train to lose body fat! Science said so!

To gain weight (fat) you need a surplus of calories and 3600 calories will equal a pound.
If you want to lose weight (bodyfat) you will need to be in a deficit of the same 3600 calories. (less food or exercise ) Calories matter.

So having some salt and gaining 3 actual  pounds is NOT possible.

My goal for this month is to create “No Scale February” or “Self-uary”.  

This challenge is very simple to do. I wonder how many of you can complete it without cheating.

1. Begin with a set of selfies or have someone shoot your beginning pics.  Front, side, and back shots are best!

2. Measure your waist, hips and abs and write that down.
If you need help with these things visit my “How to measure tutorial”.

3. Commit to your macros and your water each and every day.

4. Train 4-5x a week consistently.

On February 14 and 28 repeat numbers 1 and two.
You will use your collage app to see your side by side comparisons.
We will check back with selfies at the end of the month for results.

If you are see your body changing and your clothes are fitting better, what difference is the scale?  No one ever, at any time will ask you what you weigh. No on stage,  not on a date. It’s not important. It’s NOT important.

You must NOT, no matter what.. abandon this challenge. If you binge drink on Mardi Gras, get right back to your plan. If you eat candy Valentines Day, get back on your plan.  No scales, just day to day successes.

My hope is that without the stress of the impending weigh in you can focus your energy on positive steps toward your physique goals.

Challenge ON!

If you still don’t know about the scale.. read my posts here

If you want me to see your selfies for accountability: You can drop them here.

Best Glute Blaster

Gym time! I used my heavy duty giant rubber band from Dick’s Sporting goods for this one.   You can hook your band around the dead lift bars in the cage or squat rack at your gym.  Grab a bench and start thrusting.

Stay in your heels and pull your toes up to really keep the work in the glutes.

The red band is a Slingshot. This red one is the mega tight one which really activates your glutes the second you put it above your knees. It’s almost unbearable.

The goal with this burnout is to stay up and squeezing with the the lifts. I don’t want any bit of this work to be done with my back, or calves or whatever. It’s sheer will to keep pulsing for as long as you can.  Challenge and change tempos. Squeeze, holds, fast pulses and keep your knees from caving!  Glutes are screaming!


Ps.  Tank is VSX studio Tank. Pants are from Capezio. 🙂


No Jiggle Arm blaster

I train A LOT of brides!  Like a bikini competitor, there is NO margin for error on getting your look right.
You need to be camera ready and one area women struggle with is the “bat wing.”

Bat wing:  That jingle jangle part of the arm that NO one wants.   I’m very sure some snarky man named it that but I assure you that in MY studio, my clients do not rock a bat wing.  EVER.

Ok.. we have to do a full body workout and our symmetry has to be correct. Lots of tricep, back, guns but this one is a finisher that really pretties up the back of the arm.  Plus it hits that lat nicely so you can rest assured your strapless dress will lay flat. Your whole upper body will thank you.

Keep your chest lifted and your core tight as you press down.  I use a weight that is heavy enough to load the muscle but I do not want to see my clients struggling to press the bar down using their back.  I am almost moving too much in my video.
Focus on feeling the work in the back of the arm and squeeze.  Don’t just go through the motions “I wish I were somewhere else.”  Put the focus into those muscles!

This is one finisher we use  and feel free to hold it for a few seconds at the bottom for some extra burn.

Oh.. you won’t get to see that gorgeous, lean physique if your food isn’t spot on! So hit those macros!!

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell workout

Victoria's secret Bombshell workout

Here’s a solid workout option you can do quickly with just dumbbells.
I’m posting this pre-Thanksgiving to give you no excuses.

I taught this workout with my team today and it’s a full body blast with a giant burn.
It feels great. You don’t feel like someone beat you but you know you worked.

1.If you have heavier dumbbells.. use those. I kept the rep range lower so you can lift
2.  20 seconds between each set.
3. After your metabolic blast, let your heart rate drop. Grab a drink of water.

Get up, get downs are a huge core/full body workout.
You simply lie completely on the floor, then get up.  You can either lie on your back or
front.  Mix it up.  My team says that on your back is much harder. Challenge yourself!

Chaturnga Mt. Climbers :  Do your normal mt. climber sprints with your hips down, but bend
your elbows to the back wall so you are really hitting your triceps. Stay low like a crocodile!

Are you ready for the New Year? Would you like to train with me online? I will help you reach your goals.
I will give you new workouts every two weeks that are created just for you!
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Booty Blast: Sumo Split Squats

Benefits:  Biceps, booty, inner thighs, heart
OOOOO.. this one burns.  If you are working on glutes and want to amp up your calorie burn, add this metabolic blast.
I’m using 10 pound weights here and usually do 3×12 each side.   I like to use this at Sleek as an interval.  Your heart rate will definitely be up there!

Couple things: If you are new to working out, you may begin with no weights and a smaller range of motion.
Always listen to your body, but push yourself.

5 weeks out

This all happened and a bunch more.
This all happened and a bunch more in week 6. I’m not officially 5 weeks from my show.

This week was so much better.  Coach MJ got me all straightened out.
We talked about some changes in my diet this check in so I’m super excited.
I have steak again, and greek yogurt. I feel like I won the lottery for this next 2 weeks.

I am down another 2 pounds. I am at 143 now. In Jan I was at 157.
I’m two pounds over my last years stage weight.  I wonder what my food change will
bring with my physique these next two weeks!

Track is starting up for me this week.  I am ready.
I dominate track (in my mind) because I’m slow and no one cares!

Elbow what is UP?
I haven’t mentioned this.. but
I have a lovely case of Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow.  I know exactly when I hurt it. It was 2 months ago and I went a little crazy with a new land mine exercise.
Tennis Elbow is pretty common for body builders. Did not see that coming.
I’m lifting about half of what I normally could and can hardly lift anything with my hand turned.  Having trouble putting the dishes away! EEEK.

So in light of that challenge.. I’m really keeping my form tight and trying to squash my need for extreme momentum and beast mode.  This arm will not be *F*cking sh*t up” as the girls like to say.  I’m on the precision path until I can do some post show rehab and rest.

We are taking a trip to Chicago and I am all packed.  My cooler is set.
I’m not even worried.  Yep.. I’m taking all my food.
They guys can eat the delisiousness of Kuma’s Korner.  I’m all good!

Enjoy your holiday! IIFYM!


Are you overtraining? How to boost results.

More is not better!
More is not better!

When I was younger and teaching 15-20 cardio classes a week, I stopped losing weight.  I got jiggly and mushy and heavier.   But how can that be? You’re a fitness instructor, you should be thin with all the workout you do.

We called it Chunky Butt instructor Syndrome.
The correct term is Overtraining.

Actually: Overtraining is Under-recovery.

Think of it like this. Pretend your body is a car. Let’s say on Monday, you crashed into a tree Yes, there’s a little dent in the car, but it still runs fine. And then the day after, on Tuesday, you crash it again. Well, the car isn’t running well anymore. It’s going slower, and doesn’t look very good. What you needed to do, was bring the car into the shop on Monday after you crashed the first time and give it time to get fixed. You see, you can crash your car every Monday, just as long as you give it time to be fixed, and it will still run fine.

Your body works the same way.   Many people say that when they first went to the gym they didn’t know what to do. They worked out the same muscles and did the same machines 6 days a week and saw absolutely no results. You see, your muscles don’t grow when they are being worked; they grow when they are resting. You need to work your muscles in the gym, and then give them time to recover. Each time you work them, and let them recover they get stronger and bigger. However, working them day after day without recovery makes them weaker, stay the same, and sometimes even get smaller.

You can perform the best exercises with the best form, seven days a week and never see results.   In fitness, less is definitely more. Throughout most of his movie career, Sylvester Stallone trained upwards of 25 hours a week! Now at age 50 he limits his training to 4 hours a week. In his book, Sly Moves he says “Overtraining wasted thousands of hours of my life”.
Common Warning Signs and Symptoms of Under Recovery Syndrome

  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
  • Feeling cold
  • Progress stalls
  • Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Sudden drop in performance/decrease in strength
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Decreased Immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
  • Decrease in training capacity / intensity
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Depression
  • Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased incidence of injuries.
  • A compulsive need to exerciseHow to train/recover properly
  • You need at least 6-7 hours of rest each night.
  • Train your muscle groups on splits.  Don’t work the same group every day.
  • 1-2 active rest days per week
  • De-load week every 90 days (See this blog post for more info)
  • Do not double up on workouts/classes.I can tell immediately when I’m overtraining. Too much cardio makes me mushy.
    If I focus on my lifts I become lean fast.Our current way of thinking tends to lead us to MORE CARDIO! However, remember that more cardio burns away muscle. You need 2-3 HIIT sessions a week for 12-15  minutes each.xoxo

Week 10 Update:

Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man
Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with my weight loss. I had lost 3 pounds but made a well needed change to my meal plan and
started the scale moving again. Even though I’ve stressed out about my weight loss, I have discovered that in one month I’ve lost a total
of 6 pounds and 2.1 percent body fat. I felt like I was leaning out, but really retaining water. I had a heart to heart with a competitor friend
and she held me accountable to my water jug. No excuses. It made a huge difference.

I did a small intermitten fast followed by a high carb day. I’m super bloated from that. I always drop a bit after that type of re-feed.

Tidbit of information:
The best pants in the entire planet to squat in are LuluLemon Wonder Under pants!

I love these pants.
I love these pants.

I’m becoming a collector of Lulus and rock lots of their styles, but these are my favorite because they don’t move.
Girls, you know if your V-string pops out of the back of your tights when you squat, that’s not ok. Just saying. It’s the little things.

Today, my workout was less than beast mode. I had fully intended to GO HAM. My pre-workout let me down.
I get samples from GNC and they tossed a sample of Arnold’s Iron Pump pre-workout my way. I should never have tried that on my hardest leg day. It was
a thumbs down. I was fueled correctly but nothing kicked in. I missed my C4. So I will not cheat on her again!!

I had PR’s today but not like I wanted.
I added Land Mine legs today. First time ever and you know what.. I might have died.
I did Land Mine Goblet Squats and lunges. I was shaking and could barely walk away.
If you haven’t added those yet, to your training, it’s time!
Follow my Instagram and see my video of my workout!

This week, is more pushing!
Go after what you want!!