Prep 911: Sugar Cravings

If you are cutting.. then you know about sugar cravings!  I'm no stranger to this! On my Bro-science prep, there were ZERO options for taming that. It was  cold turkey and it was tough. On Flex.. it's tight but you can be creative. My perspective on Flex/IIFYM prep I follow the guidelines of the original IIFYM protocol.  In a cut,... Continue Reading →

Macro counting: Does quality of food matter?

When I first began IIFYM/Macro Counting I was coming off 48 weeks of 'clean' contest prep. I had a bad case of "Bro-fatigue".   Bro-fatigue is when you hit the wall on the few  foods you are only allowed to consume in prep. Turkey Chicken Fish Sweet Pot brown rice almonds rice cakes spinach I had begun piecing... Continue Reading →

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