8 weeks out updates

Almost..8 weeks out. I use my blog to show benchmarks in my training/progress. I don't send pics to coaches  since I'm self coached but I still do weekly pics.  I have been busting my booty this week. I 'almost' had a cold but found my way out of that so that's good. This is 11... Continue Reading →

The Green Shake is back

Each prep I have done a green shake for my veggies.   Since I'm doing IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting I'm being very careful to keep my fiber numbers up.  This is 5-6 cups of spinach and while it does have some lovely micronutrients, the fiber for my  whole day  of veggies was 4g.  Soooo.. I'm on the green beans... Continue Reading →

Fat Burners: Should I use them?

One of my competitors asked me about Fat Burners/ Thermagenics today. I wanted to share my experience and maybe it will help you in your decision making for purchases. Edit: This is a running blog post of what I used each year so it is updated. First: Stop  buying into the hype! If you see it... Continue Reading →

Top Supplements for fat loss

It's that time of year!  The Supplement stores are excited to see you coming in and part with all your hard earned cash.  I know you are in search of the magic pills to make you lean and tight. So  I want to give you the scoop on supplementation and it's place in fitness weight loss. The... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Update:

The last few weeks I've been struggling with my weight loss. I had lost 3 pounds but made a well needed change to my meal plan and started the scale moving again. Even though I've stressed out about my weight loss, I have discovered that in one month I've lost a total of 6 pounds... Continue Reading →

Christmas update : Preparing to prep

My son gifted me this old-school hex bar for Christmas.  I love it! Merry Christmas! Yesterday was our family Christmas day. We had an amazing day together. I hope your holiday is amazing!! UPDATE: This is a little prep update. I'm feeling pretty much like it's two steps forward and 1 step back. In the... Continue Reading →

Back Workout

I have started my stack so I should start to see more muscle development. I felt good today, but really could have used my pre-workout! Started today off with First Phorm  AlphaCre HD ProSculpt  Extreme Muscle Definition system Half shot of Phormula-1 CTC (cinnamon toast Crunch) 1 shot of Blox (pink lemonade) BCAA plus my... Continue Reading →

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