I haven't posted a good booty workout for a minute!! I did this one today. It's my second leg day and I focused on glute activation. I did about 45 min of this plus the finishers.  Good luck Goal is 3-4 rounds with purpose. Glute activation and zero slacking! Warm Up: be sweaty and ready... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Booty Gains

I was scrolling through my cloud and came up with my pics from my first posing session in February 2013. I have been working diligently on my glutes so this is progress! Whoo hoo.. Here's a booty move to throw down!! Werk! Do you want to train with me online?? Check out my site and... Continue Reading →

Surprises and Lulu haul

Today is my check in day with my coach. I'm about to get new food and workouts. I'm starting my first track workout on Sunday. One reason I'm blogging everything about my prep, is to keep a timeline of how I'm changing.  A few things are making me feel really positive. I am actually only... Continue Reading →

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