Fabletics review: Your must have leggings

Holiday must have!

This is the Salar Legging from Fabletics.  I love this legging! You need 2 pair of these. Here me out.

The picture does not do this legging justice. The color is Black/Silver/icicle print. It’s maximum compression and it fits beautifully even with all your booty gains. It’s going to look hot on you.
This IS the perfect holiday legging!  You can rock this with black boots and
a sweater or dress it up hot with some heels! It’s seriously the perfect go to for the holidays.

The reason you need two pairs is : you will have these for years to come. This will be your holiday party go to  item!! This is a Fabletics fabric that came out for the winter. Who knows if we will continue to see it!

Pricing: VIP pricing for this legging is $54.95 and it comes in lengths
Short/Reg/Tall. Sizing is size 0 to size 20.

I’m not mad at Lululemon for their lack  of sizes but I do want you to know Fabletics sizing is xxs-xxl.  Girls  with booties can buy cute pants here!

Are these workout leggings or going out leggings?
You can rock your workouts in this legging because it is NOT see through. It passes the Squat test, dead lift, burpee  and the pilates test too.

(Pilates test is having your pants stay up while you do the advanced roll up.)

Salar leggings/capris always pass this test.

This legging is soft and  it’s super comfortable. It fits true to size. I’m a size 8 and I have a medium.  It’s a perfect pant

BTW. the Salar Legging comes in 32 different prints.

  Cute top  option 1 is the  Switch Back Tee II. I have this. It is so cute on!
You can add the Hudson Bralette in  Black/Silver/Icicle too.
Switch back Tee II is VIP price $19.95
Hudson Bralette II is also VIP: $19.95

This  is the Aruba Wrap Top II and it comes in 4 colors! It is so cute
and only VIP: $19.95

The Psyllos Sweater is gorgeous! It’s perfect with the Salar Legging!
VIP is $49.95 for this sexy sweater!

Of course you need the matching headband! It’s so cute and festive. Ladies.. if your girls are hooked on Lululemon, they are going to love Fabletics!!  The accessories are super cute!  You don’t have to spend $108 on leggings for your teens.

You can get your first outfit for just $25! Free shipping and returns.
I hope you enjoyed my review. If you could please use my link that woud be super pawesome!


Fabletics review/Haul November 2015

Fabletics Saint Louis Galleria has a super fun event the first Saturday of each month!
They had a live DJ and champagne! Raffles with giveways too. I came to shop it up with the Mister!

The above capris are my favorite. I love the Salar Capri! This color is Artic/Black Slub.
The regular price for this capri is $49.95 but the VIP price is just $34.95

Salar capri!

The Salar Capri is my absolute favorite pant from Fabletics. The fabric is soft but it’s so flattering.
It doesn’t budge when you squat/dead lift! They wash beautifully too.  I have this capri in Black Slub too.
I also have the legging version of Black Slub.
I think I have 8 pair of the Salar Capri. For you LULU girls, this will be like your wunder under capris. I like these better!
Booty be popping.

I want to show you this pair or November so you can go get it!
This pant is really cute!! It’s the Salar Capri in Northern Lights Reflective print.

I got this! It’s the Hudson Bralette. I had to size up on this but it’s a good bra for lifting and my pole days.
It’s very hard to see the amount of sparkle in this!  I sized UP. Clearly. This one is not lined and doesn’t have any
padding. It’s snug though.
Here is the matching legging..
This is the Salar Legging in black Silver Icicle .

I also picked up the Neve Tank (Left) . It has a full bra in it and a racer back! So cute. It’s $34.95 VIP
The other tank is the Pryor Tank. It has this beautiful twisty back. Pryor comes in 5 colors and is $19.95 VIP

My friend, Michaela looks awesome in her Pryor tank!

Got this cute cute cute tee
The McKinney Tee color is Oasis. They have 5 colors in this top. I sized down to it wouldn’t be a loose fit.
I wear a Medium in tops but got XS and it fits perfectly. Basically.. it runs big.

Gift time!!

Because I spent $49.95 yesterday, I got a gift!! This is the 3 pack of thong undies.
This normally $29.95 regular price, $19.95 VIP.  Super cute lazer cut and they won’t show under your gear!

So listen, the store has a party event each month on the first Saturday.
You can come in and shop your outfit for your membership. Then you will get a free gift!
You will get chance to win prizes. You can drink Champagne and eat lovely snacks!
Seems like a win win!

If you are not a Fabletics member.. You can get your first outfit for just $25 free shipping! Click here to get check it out!

Fabletics Haul/reviews

Kate Hudson gifted me some new gear and a sweet note. I'm very honored to be chosen as a Fabletics Master.
Kate Hudson gifted me some new gear and a sweet note. I’m very honored to be chosen as a Fabletics Master.

If you have read my blog, you know I’m obsessed with workout gear. Fabletics is a company that is
repped by Kate Hudson.  The company started with online membership and is now opening stores!
Our St. Louis Galleria is one of the first stores in the US!  I’m very exciting. I want to tell you about
a few items and how they compare.
Camacan Capri

Fabletics Camacan capri
Fabletics Camacan capri

The tights that Kate sent me are called Camacan Capri.
They area currently on sale on the website for between $20-$30 with a purchase.
These capris fit true to size, and  they have great compression. They do NOT shift around while you are training. They are flattering and there are 12 different fabric styles. They are moisture wicking and 4 way stretch! I did not have to pull them up during my burpees today.

Salara Legging

These are amazing.
These are amazing.

I bought both pairs of these Salara Leggings. The tiny stripped ones are fantastic and soft.
They stay up during all my workouts. It has a little pocket for your key . The stripes are
very flattering and they match up beautifully in the back. They have long and short inseams too.
The Tribal Camo leggings
Fabric Content: 88% Polyester/12% Elastane
Features: Smooth, Chafe-Resistant Design, Convenient Hidden Pocket, Moisture Wicking, Four-Way Stretch.
There are 35 fabric choices of this legging! OMG.  Remember, as a VIP you ALWAYS get the VIP pricing.
These are less than half price of the Lulu Wunder Unders!

Salara Capri
Here’s the score. These Salar Capris are the bomb.If you are a fan of Lulu Wunder Under crops and these
one going to make you so happy. They have great compression, they don’t budge during my workouts.
They wash great and there are 26 fabric choices! I bought three pair!

Remember, you can join Fabletics and get your  first outfit for just $25 dollars and free shipping.
If you have access to a store, you can purchase your monthly outfit there. If you don’t want a new outfit , just make sure you “pass on your outfit” between the first and the 5th of the month.

I have gotten many reward points and coupons for discounts since I joined. Fabletics sent me a $30 gift certificate a few weeks after I joined. Fun.  The rewards points add up to get you new  gear.

There is also FL2 workout gear for your man! This is repped by Kate’s handsome brother, Oliver from the show Nashville.
My pants in the pic below are Salara Capri in Dusk. I wear  Medium, size 8. I am 5″8 inches tall.

My selara crops and leggings.Adventure tank in Tangerine.
My selara crops and leggings.Adventure tank in Tangerine.
Check out the site and see how you like your new outfits. Let me know what you think!
Check out the site and see how you like your new outfits. Let me know what you think!

Come Sweat with Me at Lululemon

come sweat with me!!
come sweat with me!!


Hey guys!! This  Tuesday, February 3, I will be training at the MotherShip, Lululemon in the Central West End , St. Louis.

I am so honored to be a part of Lululemons, Tone it Tuesdays!!

We will begin at 7:15pm and rock the most fun workout humanly possible.   Mats are provided and you only need to bring yourself!

Come early and see me in the store. We’ll buy some pants!

Space is limited!!  Sign up here. IT’s free!!

Competition update plus VSX Pants review

Update: Not much is happening in my 2015 competition training.  It’s very much the daily grind.  I am feeling better than I was a month ago, but I’m still not fully 100 percent.  I got great news from my eye doc and my cornea is healing.  I’m at about 80 percent now.  We are still on some pretty aggressive treatments and the side effects are yucko.

Good news is that in less than a month, we should be able to taper these which means I’ll be feeling much better.

In case you missed it, I contracted 2 illnesses in my cornea right before my last show.  My immune system was pretty low at that time.

Workouts:  I’ve been training as hard as I can. Some days are great and I’ve gotten a few PRs.  I am taking this winter to work on my form, get some nice muscle and think about my competition season next year.  Totally not stressed right now.  I’m happy with myself right now.

VSX Haul

I’ve been away from Lululemon for a while. I haven’t seen anything on the
uploads that made me excited.  VSX on the other hand is bringing the heat.
The VSX line on the website is full of so many fun pants, I am dying.

I’ve worn VSX for years and they  have been hit and miss. I see that now, they are really working to compete with Lulu.  They have some fantastic sports wear.  The pants I’m wearing in the above pic are the Knockout tight.
This exact pattern is not on the VS website in a Knockout. On the website, this fabric comes in the Ultimate Tight. Color is Oil Spill/Wonderland/black

In the actual store.. I could ge t that fabri in the knockout Knockout tight. . This fabric feels the same to me as my Lulu Wunder Unders in Luxtreme.  These fit great. I’m a size  6 in Lulu. An 8 in real life pants and I rock a medium in the Knockout.  I wore these for leg day and there was no shifting whatsoever.  This pant was $72.50 but I had a $10 off coupon so, “Yea!”

VSX knockout capri
VSX knockout crops

These are the VSX Knockout Capri. They feel like Wunder Unders but
I really liken them to my Inspires: Run Crop.  I love these pants. This length is new to the Knockout. I find that VSX  actual’crops’ are too short for my liking.  This is a length I gravitate towards so I was happy to see this pant in this style.  The color is Pink/ Black Blurred Lines.  They run between $59.50 and $66.50.  The price is definitely right on these. I have
a few pairs plus plain black.  Seriously, there are about 20 different prints on the VS site right now in the VS Sport section!

Oh..I also picked up a pair of the Showtime tight in Green/blurred lines
It was store only.  I like it just ok. I thought it made me look a little chunky butt.

Showtime tight
Showtime tight

Here is its.  Not my fav but still really good.

Showtime tight in green.
Showtime tight in green.

The fabric on these pants varies, but the fit is fantastic.
I hope this helps your shop it up!

Trackin macros and VSX Haul


I will take any opportunity to talk about pants. I love new pants.
My normal Lululemon hauls halted when I saw some of the fall patterns.
They are hit and miss.   This past weekend I picked up these
Knockout Capris from Victoria’s Secret VSX line.  They have stepped up their game. These are (I’m guessing) the answer to Lulu’s Wunder Unders or Run Crops.  These are GREAT workout pants.  I did a full leg workout, with squats and deads in them with no shifting. The Knockout Capri is $62.50 and it comes in 12 colors/styles.  Whoo hoo. Lulu has so few patterns at once so this is fun.  Oh.. it does have a drawstring at the waist!



I got the matching Incredible Bra too in this pattern . I also bought the green version of this fabric in the front zipper style. I did not like the ‘front zipper’ version at all.  My zipper broke. 😦
This is a tight bra for when you are feeling boobalicious so just get the regular version and squeegle yourself into it.
It comes in so many sizes up to DDD! Great support and looks great under a tank if you are shy.  I prefer VSX bras to Lululemon since I’m ‘enhanced’.
The Energy Bra from Lulu is awesome
for a ‘uniboob’ bra and the TATA-Tamer is a great choice if you don’t mind the matronly look. Tata Tamer is my Plyo only bra. It’s not cute!
VSX is bringing the heat.  Incredible bra is $54 to $63 depending on pattern.

New meal plan success!

I have completed a full 12 days on my brand new macros. I am working with
an IIFYM coach who just took one of my team mates up to the stage still eating what she wanted.  Read that again. She didn’t deplete nor did she starve. She was lean and had a great ‘off’ or grow season and came in better than ever with a win for our team!

We have no actual weight loss goals set even though my post show rebound gave me extra body fat.  I’m feeling fantastic so far.

My show season is next summer so this grow season we are going to add some muscle and I can already see it happening.   My adjustment to eating food I like everyday,  as opposed to just turkey, chicken, fish freaks me out a bit, but I’ve been within 5g of all my macros every single day and I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I had marshmallow fluff this week.  High carb day is the best!


Peak week begins

All this happened.. and more!
All this happened.. and more!
1 week out. Progress
1 week out. Progress


It’s been a busy 3 weeks.
I’ve been hitting the gym at 5am for HIIT and then back again to lift.
It’s pretty much been a blurr.

Last week, I came down with a nasty sinus infection.
It took 3 doctor trips but I finally got antibiotics.
I was able to get all my workouts in but it was brutal.
It took almost a full week to get my energy back up.

Last year, in my prep I also got sick. Remarkably, that was the last time
I was sick. So.. the Zpack I think was almost as bad as being sick.

I added about 6 pounds of water for almost a week. That was a real


I hate running! But.. I love this tank and Lulu Speeds!
I hate running! But.. I love this tank and Lulu Speeds!

Rob and I have been hitting the track once a week. We have also hit Tower Grove Park for hill sprints.
Track was easier for me this year. I really pushed. I totally run like a girl. I embrace that. It’s not pretty.
I’m glad I’m not being judged on that.

I have had some amazing trips to Lululemon.
I’ve said it before. I’m motivated by workout pants.
I got some super cute outfits for my workout videos I’m putting on IG.
The new Bruised Berry is my favorite.

Lululemon haul
Lululemon haul

Pic 1:  Power Y tank and Milky way Wunder Under crops.
Pic2:  Curious Jungle speed shorts. I have been stalking these.
Pic 3: Bruised Berry Run : Inspire crops. These run small.  I bought the Flower bungas and had to return. They were so small! I do not want to size up. I just lost 17 pounds!

1 week out. Progress

Here is it. My last progress pic until the show.
I am 3 pounds under my last show weight.  I weigh 139 here. I’ve lost 18 pounds since Jan 1.  My bikini is awesome. I have my peak week meal plan and workouts. Stay tuned!

4 weeks out update

4 weeks out. All this happened., and more
4 weeks out. All this happened., and more

I started the week off on Sunday with track.
I hit the mark on all my cardio and workouts.
I’m training 7 days a week. I have 6 lifting days.

I almost peed in my car. Don’t judge! #bikinigirlproblems

Had my check in with my coach, MJ today. I will get all new food and workouts
for this week.

My suit will be here Monday!! I cannot wait to see it!

I’m officially down another pound. I am 142. I am 1 pound over my last show weight
but I think I look much different than last year.

1 year apart
1 year apart

These pics are exactly 1 year apart. I’m happy with my progress.

We are upping my cardio this week and getting a little more food.
I am officially 3 weeks out! I have had no cheats and I’m ready to kill it this week!

Lululemon haul

Hipster café in Chicago. The mister and I.
Hipster café in Chicago. The mister and I.

On our Chicago trip, we did a little shop it up.

I was excited to visit the Rush Street Lululemon and found my unicorn!!
The Super Stripe Cadet Blue Wunder Under pants!!
Squeee!  I love these pants. The fabric is very different than my other WU
but it’s a winner.  I got the last pair in my size. Sorry, not sorry!

Super Stripe Wunder Unders in Cadet Blue
Super Stripe Wunder Unders in Cadet Blue

Rest less Tank

This outfit was much cuter than I had anticipated.  Rest Less Tank and the
Inspire crops in Black Burlap.  The fabric on the pants is very different than the other
10 pairs of Run crops I have. I almost had to size up!  It’s not that stretchy. I admit that I didn’t like the look of this at all until I tried it on. Lulu is like that for me. I have to try on everything.  The tank is adorbs. It has a long, strange rubber band gathering the waist.
It stays in place nicely.  The back detail on the top is really cool.

Restless tank and Inspire crops in Black burlap
Restless tank and Inspire crops in Black burlap


Rest less tank back detail. Cute.
Rest less tank back detail. Cute.

I was discussing pants with one of my friends, Jennie. We both agreed that we never really knew that different workouts benefited from different fits/fabrics.  Lulu is great for that.  I wore a pair of bright blue Under Armour pants for leg day this week. It was a huge fail. They came down with every jump up.   No one wants their business out there!

NOTE:  Wore my Speed shorts to the track with a 105 F Singlet *Silver
and both those pieces out performed me.  I looked like a hot mess after my workout but I was cool.  Believe me.. I used to wear my VSX Knock out crops to the track.  Misery.

I also picked up the Cool Racer Back in Wee Are from Space Blue Tropics.

Wee Are From Space Blue Tropics Cool Racer Back CRB
Wee Are From Space Blue Tropics Cool Racer Back CRB

I’m loving my CRB tanks as of late. Got my friend Rose, hooked on them too.
Uh oh.. once you go Lulu!

Run Pace Crop
Run pace crop is great for weight training!

My workout on Friday was tough.
HIIT at 6am
2 pilates classes
2 hours of legs

I rocked my Run: Pace Crops and the Energy bra.
The green tank is VSX studio tank.. which I own in ever color. They are flattering!

The crops are terrific for everything I did today. They didn’t move at all.
I got these in a 6 when I was 12 pounds heavier. I think they run a bit small and they are a shorter crop. They really fit me well now. I didn’t love them 6 weeks ago. I probably could have sized up.  Lots of our clients bought them at our trunk show. Terrific crops.
 These pants are still on the Lululemon site


Surprises and Lulu haul

flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<#
flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<3

Today is my check in day with my coach. I’m about to get new food and
workouts. I’m starting my first track workout on Sunday.

One reason I’m blogging everything about my prep, is to keep a timeline
of how I’m changing.  A few things are making me feel really positive.

I am actually only 4 pounds from my last stage weight.  I have worked hard to put on muscle this last full year, so hopefully that’s the reason.  But, my rib cage is already 1.5 inches smaller than it was the day of my show.

This morning I got up to get my bikini pics together for MJ and on a whim I put on my competition bikini from last year.  It totally fit me. WHAT?  We got it last  year and that puppy didn’t fit me until 3 days from the show.  Still miles and miles to go in the next 2 months, but I’m certainly happy for that!

Today’s workout was Plyo for 30 minutes.  I did 55 get-ups plus tuck jumps.
I had a giant dose of C4 and got the whole series done.  I did one hour of Pilates Springs and will head back to the gym to finish my back workout.


Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank
Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank

Today I rocked my Speeds for Plyo. I’m pretty addicted to them.
My studio gets warm so these are going to be great for summer.
Yes, I changed clothes. After two hours of training, had to.
I went for my Flow and Go tank in antidote and my Pace Rival
skirt.  That tank is dorbs but it’s not for plyo. I have to lock it down.
This outfit is easy so I could hit errands after the gym.

Stopped for coffee… and…

I stopped at Lululemon and got a sweet top for my photoshoot.

HotSpell Bra.
HotSpell Bra.

I have to be honest with you.  It’s pretty saucy. On the Lulu models, I rarely love
their tanks.  I’m pretty boob-a-licious so everything looks really different.
This top is Photoshoot only!  There is zero support so there’s that.
Don’t judge it by this pic.  It’s odd looking on the model.

Tried on a pair of the new Groove Shorts Full on Luxtreme Regular.  I would have to size up in those!  It was not  hot!  😦   Those shorts are compression city!

Get on your workout and let me know how you’re doing!