Why I Canceled My Bikini Competition

June 2022-Feb 2023 over 20 pounds lost!

Rob and I have decided to push our show back until September. I Am not where I want to be and we both really want to focus on presentation.

I started this project needing to prep healthy, lower my blood sugar numbers as they read pre-diabetes. I also am now post menopausal. So I wanted to learn what is possible for women like me.

I love this project because I lost well over 20 pounds, my bloodwork is stellar, my shape is looking great .

Women in their 50s belong where they want to be!

Our new show is in 29 weeks!!

So now the project will be to create a sleeker version and I’m excited.

This is exactly how competing goes.

So much was accomplished so victory laps!

And ps. There is nothing wrong with my shape from the beginning pics. Goals are a good thing!! ❤️

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