8 Weeks to Stage Update

It has been a tiny minute since I did a prep update. The time is passing so fast actually. It’s 8 weeks until OBC Pot of Gold here in Las Vegas!!

We lost over a week from being sick. That was a real bummer. I’m on the slow road to recovery though.
Very weak and tired. It’s also just prep, because that’s what happens. Not complaining.. just putting that out there. Energy is not super duper high! My best efforts are to fuel and stay super healthy.

So, tomorrow the whole family is getting blood drawn tomorrow so we can learn if we have successfully lowered our scary numbers! Wish us luck! I will post about that!!

Since we started prep back in the July. We are down over 20 pounds each.
I have a ways to go for sure. Don’t think I don’t know. lol I’ve done more in 8 weeks
on other preps, I’m hard at work.

In the past few weeks, Rob and I have filmed many personal training sessions for my clients. They are really cool. I like to teach so these sessions show my clients how to maximize their results as if I were
standing right next to them!!

Welp.. as we start 8 weeks out.. I’m ready to light it up!
I’m super excited to be part of OCB for my competition. As a coach, I have prepped many clients for OCB! I have several OCB Pros too. It’s a fine federation and I’m looking forward to seeing how this show goes!! Rob and I will be flying to Michigan in June for the OCB Michigan show and also to Wisconsin in September for their show. I will be bringing a team to both shows!! I have sponsored athlete coaching spaces open for all federations!! Be sure to check that out. Sleek Bikini Team.com

If you have any questions or want to know anything specific about prepping or my journey, please let me know!!

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