New Project! Shows for 2022

Hi Everyone!!
It’s been a long time since I have blogged! I will try my best to catch you up so if you want to
know all the details, they will be here.

I have chosen 2 shows for 2022 and I am really happy and excited to do this project.
In September, I’ll be taking on the Grand Canyon Classic in Arizona. Then on to Chicago
for the UFE Halloween Mayhem. I was really happy to choose Mayhem because I have done this show
before and love it so much. It has a costume category so I’m all about that.

Here’s a few pics from my Mayhem shows!

I am 45 weeks from GCC and already begun to focus. I won’t start prep until summer but I have some really fun goals to get me ready for a great prep.

I had chosen another show called Fitness Universe. However, I could not get anyone from that federation to give me information. I don’t know why no one would help me. Weird.

If you are interested in following my journey to stage, I will have it all right here on my bloggie.
I will also be on my Instagram too with videos and cool workouts.

One thing that always helps me is to blog my journey. You can see my show preps that go all the way back to 2014! There is a lot of very solid info for prep, off season and basic IIFYM. You can easily search this blog for tons of info!

One thing I know though.. things change and every prep is different. I’m very interested in seeing how this all unfolds.

I wish you luck with your fitness goals!

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