Journey to Stage 2023

Hi! I am back!! It’s been a while!! If you are new to this blog, yes.. it’s an old school blog and it goes back to 2013! I have pretty much blogged all my competition preps and this one is no different!!

Where we left off is right before Covid! I was in prep for NGA in 2020. The show was canceled at 6 weeks out. I was looking really good! I think my best prep ever! Soooo..

In 2021 our family moved to Las Vegas and Rob and I set the goal to do the Miami Fitness Universe Show in June 2023.

We started working on our pre-prep in July. It has gone really well for both of us.
However, we just found out we cannot make that June trip to Miami so we have chosen a local show here in Las Vegas for 2023.

Today we are 17 weeks out! It’s go time.

Since we started, Rob has lost over 10 pounds and I have lost 14.
I’m right now at 147 pounds. I did my 2017 show at 141 pounds.
I believe I am going to come in better for this show.

Rob is doing his first show at age 55. Don’t worry.. he’s been with me the entire
10 years I’ve been doing shows. He’s going to kill it.

This will be my first show that is actually post menopausal. I’m sorry for all the
men out there who don’t want to know about this, but it certainly is a huge challenge for

My prep is moving in a pretty interesting direction and I’ll keep you updated on how
I’m doing it. I love a great transformation!!

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